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CoH Sims/CoV Mastermind: Khalid Jeffries, Simaster!

Thanks to hylandr for Khalid Jeffries' evil villain name! :D

For those not following the CoH Sims posts, Khalid Jeffries is one of Ray's 10 kids (yeek) - #7, I think. Khalid's lifetime goal is to become a criminal mastermind. So, tonight, I made Simaster - City of Villains mastermind!

Here's Khalid Jeffries as a teenager in Sims 2. He's still a week or two of Sim time away from college, so we don't know what he'll look like as an adult yet.

Here's Khalid "Simaster" Jeffries as an adult in City of Villains. I tried to match up the clothes as best I could, although I ended up going for the tunic instead of the open vest/jacket, 'cause it looked cooler. ^_^

Astute observers may notice the small white diamond on his chest. That's to represent the Sims 2 "plumbob," the diamond above the active sim's head. Since becoming Simaster is Khalid's goal, his diamond is white, meaning he's in a darn good mood about it. :D

He's got the boots and gloves 'cause I wanted him to. ^_^ (There's no easy way to do the shorts look. And besides, if he's an adult here, he probably should be in pants anyway.) He's not as skinny as CoH Ray is - I guess he worked out more.

Simaster on his first real mission. Look out, he's got a gun!

Oh, and what kind of mastermind is Simaster? Robots. That's right, Khalid took engineering classes at college and built some robots. Which makes for a helluvan origin - one mutant parent, one natural parent, and he goes into technology instead. *headdesk* But he's still got mutant powers, as we'll see later.

He'll get more robots later. For now, this is Jump Bug. That's right, he's going to name his 'bots after Sims glitches. >_>;

Khalid summons Jump Bug to do his bidding (i.e. kill his enemies)...

(It appears the controls are in his glove.)
Jump Bug gets walloped...

...and wallops right back!

Ready for his closeup... he has a certain weird Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy look to him, IMO, though I could be way off there.

That's one monster size gun. And apparently Khalid has cracked the secret of pocketbook technology in order to carry this thing around without attracting attention when not in use.

Khalid summons Teh Darkness!!one! to suck the life from his enemies and transfer it to himself (and Jump Bug too).

Khalid, some Arachnos operatives, Jump Bug, and a dead Snake.

Tags: city of heroes/villains, coh sims
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