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CoH Sims: Two and a Half Men

Back to Guy, Teff and their odd little family unit.

After Aaron was born, Guy and Teff decided they wouldn't hire a nanny. Word might get around - well, more than it already had, of course. Teff still felt weird about admitting what had happened. Since he had more vacation time saved up, he would be the one to stay at home with Aaron for a while. (Guy had used all his up on weddings, staying home the day Aaron was born, and so on.)

As if to acknowledge his new role as parent - one he'd never imagined himself in - Teff stopped wearing his tanktops. Both he and Guy were big on buying clothes anyway, so he might as well make the change. Plus he could always change a shirt after getting spit up on; getting spit-up on a bare shoulder was infinitely grosser.

"You sure you're going to be okay with the baby?" Guy asked, the morning he had to get back to work.

"Yeah, sure. Vicky gave me that 'What to Expect' book, and when my mom remarried, she and my stepdad had a couple kids. I think I can handle it."

Guy worried all day long. Should they have gotten the nanny anyway? Should he have called in sick and stayed home?

He needn't have fretted. Teff did a pretty good job for having almost no practical experience and too much pride to call for help. Aaron stayed fed, bathed, changed and unhurt, so Teff counted that first day as a success. He did find it a bit weird now and then that Aaron had Guy's eyes. It kept surprising him.

As time went on, Teff felt a bit more comfortable with baby care, although he soon figured out he didn't need to hold Aaron all the time the boy was awake - like when the tub needed repairing.

There was, of course, the occasional awkwardness with the hired help. "Do you mind? I'm occupado here!"

Kaylynn the maid had seen worse. She genuinely didn't care what her employers got up to, as long as they paid on time. She just got to work.

"Uh, hey! That's my son you're mopping! ... But as long as you're there, get under his arms."

When Guy got home in the afternoons, first thing he did was fawn over Aaron. He felt a little guilty being away all day. Teff thought Guy was acting the femmiest he'd ever been.

"Aw, who's the biggest boy? Who is? Aaron is! Yes! Does Aaron love Daddy?"
("Jeez, man, get a grip on yourself!" Teff thought, but didn't say.)

Guy did spend more time with Aaron on the weekends. But maybe, he thought, when he got some more vacation saved up, he could spend time at home with Aaron instead and let Teff get outside once in a while.

In the meantime, he had the kitchen enlarged slightly and new counters put in. It was proving too crowded when one person wanted to cook and another needed a baby bottle. As Aaron got bigger, the narrowness of the kitchen would only make things worse, if something wasn't done.

Since Teff didn't even leave the house with Aaron - still too nervous about how the community would accept the whole thing - Guy did most of the grocery shopping and any interacting with other people. It made him worry about Teff - surely the other man had some desire to actually see daylight and friends again, right?

Guy also tried contacting Epsilon and Komei via email, since they were kind of similar couples (what with weird male pregnancies and all), and was shocked to hear back from Komei that Ep had died suddenly in a freak accident. So much for that plan... though maybe Komei could use some support, actually.

Teff thought about Komei's problem that night.

Of course, he also thought about Guy's lifelong friend Zel, too. Teff just liked blonds. What could he say? (Well, he didn't say anything to Guy about it.)

At last, Aaron's birthday. A fairly quiet ceremony - just Teff and Aaron, really, as Guy was a bit late getting down to breakfast.

Shard-Child Transform!

Aaron's toddler picture. He has a lot of Guy's features, but Teff's hair.

Guy had heard about the "smart milk" guaranteed to make better toddlers. This was fine by Teff, as Aaron seemed to like the stuff.

By this time, Guy had saved up enough time for a sabbatical, and Teff went back to work at the morgue. Guy thought he'd skipped the worst of the childcare - no more diapers, right? But before he could scratch "huggies" off the shopping list, Aaron first had to be toilet trained. And Guy wondered if maybe he should've kept working for a while anyway.

No, he'd probably done the right thing. At least Teff was out of the house for a while.

Actually, as soon as Teff came home in the evenings, he immediately spent time with Aaron, talking to him, looking through picture books, and so on. Despite his initial misgivings, it looked like Teff had taken to parenting like a duck to water.

Guy wondered how Teff would feel about having another child. Of course, Teff having to carry said child might impact it all. Privately, Guy was glad it was Teff and not him with the pregnancy compatibility. But he'd never really thought before about having kids of his own, and Aaron proved it was possible.

Maybe he'd wait until Aaron was grown a little more, see how he turned out. Then he'd bring it up again. Of course, if they had a girl, how in the world would they raise her?

To be continued...
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