Laridian (laridian) wrote,


I think I actually got 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night, which is a major and welcome change from how things are lately.

Stomach doesn't hurt so much (just a twinge now). Toly took pity on me last night ;) - got the kids bathed and read to and mostly put 'em to bed - they need me before they'll settle down - and then put on my favorite MST3K movie (Outlaw) and got me a bowl of cookie dough. Not ice cream, not cookies, just cookie dough. ^_^ Then we played some CoV for a while (him with Domme Barbie and me with Crusher) and got some levels, and then I read a book.

By the time I got to bed I did feel loads better, at least. There's still all the same problems going on, but some TLC and halfway decent sleep go a long way toward making things appear more solvable. ^_^

And I got a scene plotted in my mind for the new novel. If I can I'll type it out later.

PS - Thank you with big hugs to those who have posted kind words and advice lately. You guys are the best. I <3 you all.
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