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Okay. So last night I tried to go badging for Boneshatter (okay, yes, that sounded weird, I apologize) and I just can't do it off the /loc command. I remember now, that's why I gave up badging until Vidiotmaps came out with the "here's the badges" in-game map. Anyway, instead I installed Civ4 and went through the tutorial. Leonard Nimoy narrates the quotes that go with the tech advances. Sid Meier has a nice voice for tutorial work. ;) However, I (of course) barely skimmed the manual the day before and so couldn't figure out how to save and/or quit my game. Eventually I got "save" (there's no onscreen command for it) but I never did get "quit", and I'm not sure exactly how I got the game back to the install/play/exit screen, to be honest.

Why quit? Well, it was about two to midnight, when the CoV headstart began. Tried logging in at midnight. Hero only. Eh? Did I do something wrong? Tried again, ditto. Third time, I can make villains. Yay! :D So now Bonecrusher is parked in Breakout. I also made Triseti (oooh) mostly so I could put the name on hold - the look I want for her, I'm just not sure if I can get exactly in the CC, but at least the name is odd enough that I likely won't have problems with restarting her later, you know?

Haven't done Darkfire yet, but no rush since I've got the name reserved.

Went to bed after making those 2 characters. Asked Toly if maybe he could watch the kids some this a.m. so I could get some sleep to be ready for the photoshoot in the afternoon. So guess what happened?

Pixie's ill. She ended up sleeping next to me, but coughing, wheezing, and miserable all night, even with medicine. Wish the d**n health insurance would finalize already. -_-; But if she's not better by Monday morning I'll have to take her to the doctor no matter what. Not like the doctor's available on the weekend anyway, you know?

So for about 3 hours I got some seriously bad-to-no sleep until 6 am when Pixie wanted to go watch TV. She's sick, I said yes, set her up with a bed on the couch, gave her some chocolate milk and coloring books and put on Mickey's Three Musketeers which, now that I think about it, was what she watched the last time she was this sick. Hm. Might have to hit Target today and pick up a new movie or something.

So I don't know if we'll do the MI photoshoot now or not; I really don't want to look like a zombie. ;) OTOH maybe I can put it off until tomorrow if Pixie is too sick for her and Imp to be babysat by my folks for a few hours. If she's better by Sunday I could try then. We'll see.

In the meantime... coffee and ibuprofen. And I'm running low on coffee. O_O; My dad bought 15lb this past time since I'm having some now, and he grinds it for me (he buys the whole beans so he can have truly fresh-ground coffee). I get it in little jars from him, and there's one potful worth after this. Then it's back to diet mountain dew.

At least with Bonecrusher (great, now I gotta come up with a nickname for him so I can tell 'em apart) I was finally able to get more of a "Skull" look to him. The jacket options are much cooler, the face worked out well, and so on. He actually starts with the jewel belt though! XD

Incidentally, he's got cheekbones like you wouldn't believe, which explains now where the Sims kids get theirs. ;)

Full body shot. He's got tattoos! Apart from that, the big welding gloves, and a Skull T-shirt, but finally I could give him a ganger-y jacket. And work boots!

Here's a closeup. I guess they changed some of the face options since the last time I played (oh so long ago) because I kinda like this one. He looks a bit beat up, but maybe that's the shadows. ^^;; I like 'im! :) Now to go make an icon of him somehow. And take more coffee since I'm already tapped out on the meds today.

Oh, man, I just remembered I have to sew Pixie's angel dress today... *headdesk*
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