Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Guybrush cosplay: first attempt

The camera hates me. X_X Well, the lighting was not good anyway. But mostly the camera hates me. Yeah, that's right! :P Seriously.

Ideally, we'd've waited until later in the day, but due to scheduling that wasn't possible. So it's early morning light that doesn't look so hot. (We're planning another shoot tomorrow, maybe in the afternoon.) Add to the problem the "I want to be the star AND the director" issue (that's me!) and trying to keep Imp out of trouble/out of the picture while keeping Suburbia out of the background... this is hard! :P

Man, geoectomy or anyone else good with photos, I sure wish you were here this weekend to help out. >_<; I get my hair chopped on Wednesday, so it's not like I'll be doing this for long.

ETA: Slightly better pix (rainbear tweaked 'em for me).

I couldn't get a good indoor pic of how blond I am right now. Taking pix in the mirror is nice until you realize nobody's cleaned the mirror lately. >_<;

Anyway! Ponytail from the back. You can hardly tell it's not mine, can you? ;)

This (below) is my attempt to re-create the scene in CMI where Guybrush looks up at the tree as the snake comes down to devour him. Yes, I'm wearing a watch. Doh! So I'm now counting this morning's photos as the trial run.

Apart from that, though, I think it looks OK.

I was worried about the white hose at first, but now I'm glad I didn't get dance tights.

This one's OK, though you can see our house/porch behind us. Guybrush and the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle.

Guybrush thinks out loud. (AKA, I'm talking to Toly) The best lighting of the bunch, IMO.

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