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CoH Fic: SITL: Moving Day

Title: Moving Day
Word count: 979
Warnings: None, really.
Fandom: Shadows in the Light (Crazy Eights, "Mirror Universe" Sunday 9s)
Characters: Boneshatter, Firefly, Doc Rayvn, Deathhead Drake, and Dana Darko.

Note: This is alternate-universe compared to the regular Sunday 9s fics. Takes place a few hours after "Goths Gone Wild."

Copyrights 'n stuff: The City of Heroes universe is copyright Cryptic Studios/NCSoft. The individual characters of the Sunday 9s were created by their players. These characters are not part of the City of Villains universe and any similarity is entirely coincidental.

Comments welcome, as always.

Note on the pills: "de-mezz" and "mezz" are actually meaning the same thing here (kinda like flammable vs. inflammable). Either way, "mezz" is short for "mesmerized"; the pills are to clear the user's head.

Moving Day

"So why are you with her?" Doc asked.

Firefly shrugged. "Dunno. She was cool at first, but... y'know, after a while..."

The Evil Eye had just announced last call. Dana had pillowed her head on her arms and was snoring away – lightly, but still snoring. Drake had staggered off to look for the little monsters' room (Dana had coined the term) and not yet returned. That left Doc, Firefly, and Boneshatter still awake and around the table.

"Why doncha dump'er?" Bone said.

"Indeed... she seems a bit... unpredictable." Doc would even go so far as to say liability, given Dana's recklessness and lack of conferring with anyone else before acting. The Crazy Eights had just begun acting as a team, and Dana threatened that new sense of cohesion.

"Well, for starters, she knows where I live," Firefly said. He'd stuck to nonalcoholic or extremely weak drinks all night; he and the bar staff were likely the most sober people in the house. "And she knows something of where I came from. My history, I mean. If she wanted revenge on me, all she'd have to do is lead the cops to my door, since I've now committed myself to a life of crime – "

"Think you could sound a little more poseur?" Boneshatter interrupted, but Firefly ignored him.

" – or maybe tip off anyone looking to get a reward on me. That kind of thing."

"You could tell her you're really gay," Bone suggested brightly. He leaned over and put an arm around the blaster's shoulders. "I'll help!"

"You're drunk," Firefly said, pushing Bone away. The former Skull laughed. Firefly knocked back the last of his Manischewitz. "Besides, she probably wouldn't believe it. And it still doesn't solve the where-I-live problem."

"That's easy-peasy," Bone said. "While she's sleeping, we move you out somewhere. Hell, we get Push in on it, and between Doc's boys and Drake being able to lift the couch all by himself, we could get you cleared out of your place in a couple hours, probably."

"Oh, and the landlord wouldn't notice."

"Well, it's... what... what time is it?"

Doc checked his watch. "A little after two."

"Perfect time to do it, if we can sober Drake up so he's not too loud. Maybe a de-mezz pill or something. Then we head out."

"What, leave her here?"

Bone shrugged. "Don't know what else to do with her."

"We can't leave her here," Doc said. "I imagine we wouldn't be allowed to, since she's been in our company all night. Firefly, do you know where she lives?"

"Um... vaguely. Over in Atlas somewhere, I think."

Boneshatter rolled his eyes. "Dude, check her purse for ID."

"She doesn't have one, does she?" Doc looked Dana over as best he could. "I'm worried if we try her pockets. she'll wake up."

"Oh. Um." Bone scratched at his ear. "Maybe the park, then?"

"I'm not leaving her stinky-drunk in a park where someone'll get at her," Firefly said.

"Man, you only rent bourbon," Drake's voice boomed as he walked unevenly back to the table. "So what's up?"

"Here." Doc handed Drake a few assorted pills. "Take some of these until your head clears. We're going to move Firefly out of his apartment."

"Wait, wait," Firefly said, holding up his hands in the T-shaped "time out" sign. "If we move me out, where're we moving me to?"

"Doc's place," Bone said matter-of-factly.

Doc shook his head. "No. Ten thousand times no. I don't have the room and there's no convenient access for Push or Drake to get in without being seen."

"Okay. I know this old warehouse that the Fifth Column used to use before the Council turned 'em into paste," Bone suggested. "We might have to clear some Council out of there, but last I knew, even they weren't usin' it much. At least we could put up for a while."

"A warehouse?" Firefly looked repulsed.

"Well, it's not like I've got a place to put you guys up. And Drake..."

"I've got a cave," the half-dragon said, and would've continued had not Firefly interrupted with "No caves." in a tone that brooked no argument.

"I don't think Push has anywhere either," Doc said. "At least, either he's still with the Freaks sometimes, or he's on his own. Let's at least try the warehouse for the night."

"What about her?" Bone gestured with his head toward Dana.

"Bring her along?" Doc suggested after a moment. "Then leave her in the apartment afterward?" He looked at Firefly.

"Yeah, I guess. Probably the only real option. Drake? Think you can carry her along without waking her up?"

"Sure." The half-dragon eased his clawed arms around Dana and hefted her. "She's light. Not a problem."

"Then let's get to it. The faster we get this done with, the better." Firefly stood and headed for the exit, Drake close behind him.

Boneshatter was about to follow when Doc said, "You sobered up quickly toward the end there."

"Yeah?" Bone looked warily at the occultist. "I'm a regen. I don't get hangovers either. What's your point?"

"That explains it, then," Doc said. The point is that you just confirmed something. You haven't been drunk all night, have you? "That's a useful ability."

"Yep, sure is," Bone grinned, but the expression didn't reach his eyes. "All I can drink, no passing out, no hangover. Doesn't mean I don’t get drunk, just that I don't stay drunk. Y'know?"

Doc shook his head in mock amusement. "Like I said, very useful. No wonder you never need the mezz pills." He said nothing more about it, but made his way toward the exit.

It was a good thing to know, what he'd learned. Perhaps at some point it would be useful. For now, he'd let it drop. No sense antagonizing one of the team at this moment in time.
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