Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Tuesday morning

Yesterday morning it was 83 degrees and (of course) stormy. Right now it's in the mid-50s, I think. Fortunately, almost 2 months ago I'd picked up a school sweatshirt for Pixie, and some navy sweatpants at Walmart for her, so she could go to school toasty warm. (Yes, I know, for you Northerners, this is beach and bikini weather, right?) Pixie's old jeans now fit Imp, but she doesn't have any pants that aren't high above the ankle at this point. I see a Walmart trip coming up for some winter gear...

Fired up the CoH Badgetracker site and Heat has 135; at the time we tracked 'em, Toly had 136 on his main, but now he's in the 140s. (By the way, if anyone here has an alt on Infinity in the 40s, Toly has all those AVs he could use some help with.)

CoV preorder: mine went OK, but Toly's code is apparently bad; he emailed NCSoft about it and they said some people have bad preorder codes and they're "looking into it". Toly is fit to be tied about this, as you might imagine. He had a generally bad day yesterday and that was the last straw.

Saw a bald eagle this morning. I generally don't put the wildlife reports (heh) but thought that might be noteworthy.

Off to get a very late breakfast. I went to bed early last night (9:30), Pixie woke me up at 4, Toly woke me up at 4:15 wanting to vent about things, he finally fell asleep, etc., so I didn't get up until about 7, and then I had to get the kids ready and so on and so forth, so I never got breakfast. Well, I had some coffee and one of those South Beach meal replacement bars, which are pretty ugh-y but at least were something in the stomach to get going for the day.

Hm... leftover fishsticks & mac&cheese, or a TV dinner? ;)
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