Laridian (laridian) wrote,


Kind of a quiet morning, did some cleaning. Sore neck/right shoulder, not sure what I did to it (don't remember lifting anything...). Took the kids to the park in the late morning - wonderful weather, about 79 degrees F. Fall has finally arrived!! :D They played for a long time, I talked on the phone to hylandr - free weekend minutes, yo.

Came home, made lunch, took care of the dishes, felt increasingly ugh-y, so got the kids to nap (easy enough after all that playing) and then napped myself. Have to go wake them up now so they won't have trouble going to sleep later; then we'll go to Sam's and Winn Dixie for different types of groceries. That should fill up the afternoon/evening pretty well.

Looked at my compy, I *could* get more RAM, but it would cost, so I'll do without right now. More of a vanity purchase than anything, y'know? But I do need a new trackball. Not sure when I'll get it, but that's a must.

Probably no Sims tonight as there's the Sunday 9s meeting at 9pm, and the kids go to bed at 8. Tomorrowish, though. Might try to get something written.
Tags: daily activities
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