Laridian (laridian) wrote,

- Still no fic. Sorry. ^^;; The folks babysit this afternoon (unless I end up staying over there, which is possible) so if I don't need a nap from illness-fatigue, I might try again.

- John Scalzi's Old Man's War is one of those books that simultaneously irritates me and makes my Androsynth brain go SQUEEEE! I can't recommend it to my dad (which had been my intent) 'cause I know it'll tick him off more than me. :D But it's darn good. I heard about it through Unshelved.

- The CoH art I commissioned is coming along nicely. With luck Photobucket will be available to me by the time it's done. Huzzah! :D

- In 15 min I leave to take Pixie to her first dental cleaning. Wish us luck.

- Speaking of Pixie, we got the school directory today, and so I looked to see who-all the other kids are in her class. The boys' names are along the lines of Jairo, Aiden, Jimmy, etc. Some girls' names are misleading (Bryn, Taylor), which just ticks me off although I know most people are OK with that practice. Other names are identifiable, like Shaylee or Delia. Then there's Pixie's name. Those of you with whom I am close enough friends to know my kids' actual names, well, you know them. ^_^ I am proud of the fact that my kids' names are 1) easily identifiable as to their gender and 2) strong-sounding names.

Speaking of the little angels, we've got a bicker going on over spilled Q-tips and who has to pick them up, so I must now intervene and tell both of 'em to do it.
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