Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Tuesday morning

Grocery shopping, etc. done. Shipping done. Rained most of the night & off and on this morning, so Pixie went to school in sweatpants (acceptable for her grade in bad weather). Have to do MORE laundry.

More tiles came off the tub wall, so Toly said he'll concentrate on that today and see if it's something we can repair ourselves, or if we have to call a professional.

Toly will be away this w/e so expect moans and whining from me about being lonely, oh, sometime after Friday lunchtime. ;)

Plans for today: laundry, dishes, getting rid of old clothes, another CoH fic off the request list, some Sims if possible. Folks said they'd babysit for a while this afternoon.

Went to bed early last night to catch up on sleep. Also got a new watchband last night, in the correct size. Out of all the many watchbands there, the choices in the right size were: black plastic, black leather, or brown leather. I chose the last one.

Off to work, I suppose. Oh, and I started Thud!, and it feels... I don't know yet. Sort of like a really well done fan work rather than genuine Pratchett, I suppose. I'm only 50 pages in, though, so we'll see.
Tags: daily activities
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