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It took WAY longer than it should've to write that fic, because the kids will NOT stop long enough to take the naps they really need. In about 20 minutes it won't matter, because if they're still up, it'll be effectively too late to get naps. The end result will be two cranky kids tonight. *grrrr* And it's raining, so I can't take the kids outside anywhere. *sigh*

Also, today my watchband snapped clean off. Good news: I was in the Target parking lot when it happened. Bad news: I bought the wrong size replacement. *headdesk* So now I have to take it back and find the right size. Meanwhile, I have a naked watch fob that I have to carry in my pocket.

I would love to finish the berry sampler by Oct. 29, but I just don't think it can be done unless someone hires a nanny, cook and cleaning service so I could do this more or less nonstop.

I *did* find two underbed containers that will actually fit under the bed, so I intend to make the most of those later. Also got Toly to go through the sock drawer and all his old shorts and get rid of most of them to make more room for other stuff. I hope to do the same for my own clothes this week. Fall cleaning, I guess. ^_~

I have two more "anonymous fic challenges" type posting ideas, but I'll wait to do those until after the CoH fics are done. (Five to go!)

I am one of those people who never saw Firefly and don't really plan on seeing Serenity. From the reviews I've seen in print and on the web, it's more for people who've already seen the series. I think I got it once from Netflix and didn't watch it. I dunno. By now it's reaching the "everyone else is raving over it so I will be stubborn and not follow them!" stage. :P

I did some Sims over the weekend but only have about 6-7 pix so far, and I like to have major updates, so it'll be a while for the next one.

Had a blast last night with the lowbies in CoH (posted about it in coh_sunday_lj). Looking forward to doing that again.

*sigh* 2:50 pm, gave up, kids are up, oh well. On to doing something else, I guess. The exciting world of laundry!! ^_^;;
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