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CoH Fic: SITL: Bloggin'

Title: Bloggin'
Word count: 848
Warnings: Language (mild).
Fandom: Shadows in the Light (Crazy Eights, "Mirror Universe" Sunday 9s)
Character: Dana Darko.

Note: This is alternate-universe compared to the regular Sunday 9s fics.

Copyrights 'n stuff: The City of Heroes universe is copyright Cryptic Studios/NCSoft. The individual characters of the Sunday 9s were created by their players. These characters are not part of the City of Villains universe and any similarity is entirely coincidental.

Comments welcome, as always.

For the challenge The first time Dana met SITL Ray. Challenger to remain anonymous. ;)

For those not in the US, "Little Debbie" is a brand of cheap snack cake; the specific type mentioned in this fic can be found here on their website. Like, $1.19 a box type cheap.


[Friends-locked] Subject: Seems like I only think about food

Sometimes I wish I had more girlfriends. You know, friends who are girls. It's funny, that's how Mom always called them, girlfriends. "Dana's off with her girlfriends." But she never said my brothers were off with their boyfriends!

Anyway. Like I was saying, it'd be nice to have someone to talk to about stuff. Okay, so I'm not too girly and shit. Who cares? There's gotta be others out there, right? Besides Creepy Christie and Kim. Kim's the girl who started dating older men when she was fifteen and loved being in Rocky Horror shows down at the Metro Twin. She was okay, mostly, except that you know how it is, you start growing apart and all that crap. Plus she stole my best kris knife when we were at that con and then ignored all my calls and I will never forgive her for that, ever, as long as I live.

At least, I'm pretty sure she stole it. Why else would she avoid my calls?

Anyway (again). So, like, I'm not really too girly most of the time, but sometimes I wanna talk about girly stuff. Like hair dye and all. Or meeting the Raymonster. I mean, I figured at first he dyed his hair too, you know? Dark green. And it looked like he'd used an entire tube of gel or something, maybe even glue, to get his hair like that. And he was looking like that at the supermarket of all places.

Me, I was there to pick up some Little Debbies and ramen, 'cause ever since I moved out when I was eighteen, like, I had to get my own food. No more Mom's Cafeteria. That's what she called it when me and my brothers were all at home. And I wasn't in the mood for frozen pizza again, so I figured, zebra cakes and cheap noodles. Besides, I work out and I don't gain any weight, so I can give the finger to those dumb chicks who started dieting in high school. Ha!

Anyway, I saw him as he was pushing the cart through, and at first it was the hair that caught my eye, and then I looked at the cart and it was full of all kinds of food, not just stuff in boxes, either. He was kinda cute, so I looked to see if he had a ring on, 'cause if he did, it meant he was probably doing the shopping for wifey, and she might be around somewhere. But he didn't.

Now, he was kinda cute, like I said, but also real skinny. I've never been one for the skinny guys before. Eat a sammich already, get some meat on your bones! So I figured I'd tease him a bit. A lot of guys are such wimps, they get scared when a woman comes on to 'em, especially one like me who can kick their ass.

But he wasn't scared, which, okay, impressed me. I admit it. In fact he sassed right back at me, especially when I made the joke about sausages.

I asked him, "All this food, who's it for?"

"Me," he said.

"No, really," I said.

"Yes, really," he said. Yeah, we should be in Hollywood with that dialog, I know.

So it turned out that he really was planning to eat it all, and I looked at my dirty plastic supermarket handbasket, the one with the two boxes of Little Debbie zebra cakes and ten packs of beef ramen, and I was hungry. And kinda jealous. What kinda guy knows how to cook like that?

So of course I figured, okay, he's gay, right? Everything just seemed to point to it. Dressed too nice, knows how to cook? Yeah. Except that he just didn't really seem like it either. I dunno, maybe it was in his eyes. They were dark green just like his hair, so I asked him where he got the hair dye from to do that.

He laughed and said it was real, he was a mutant. Well, that made him kinda more interesting right there, you know? I mean, mutants, you never know quite what you're going to get, or at least that's what Christie and Kim would say. Though probably they got their info from some other girls who got it from some other girls. Like an urban legend.

Well, all of a sudden he said he's got to get moving, he doesn't want the perishables to get warm. He actually said that, "perishables." And I realized that he was maybe even a bit too upscale for me. But what the hell, right? I asked him if he wanted any company for dinner.

He looked at me a bit funny, and I figured, okay, there's the proof, queersville. But then he said "Sure, why not?" and grinned, and –

Well, the library lady is bitching at me taking up all the time on the computer, so I'll log off now.

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