Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Origific: Hunter/Hunted (continued)

When Jaha gets home Mike is painting his nails. Sometimes Char calls him a freak for dressing up. And he does take it to an extreme sometimes, like now. Makeup, jet-black hair all in disarray, chains everywhere on his clothing, and green nailpaint.

"I'm home," Jaha says, and Mike startles so badly that he drops the tiny bottle. It clatters on the floor and he rushes to grab a paper towel.

This isn't like Mike. He's normally unflappable. (Which leads to the family joke about "if you had wings, you could never call yourself unflappable." Some of Jaha's family has a weird sense of humor.) Jaha goes on alert despite herself.

"What happened?" she asks in a hushed voice, looking around.

"Mom brought home a girl-child." She can hear it in his voice, he's scared. But he has every right to be if Mother did that. Jaha sucks in her breath, sharply.

"Char said it was time for another fullblood," she says, in a near-whisper. "Mother really did that?"

Mike looks at her and nods.

"Char's going to be pissed," Jaha says. Now she's scared too.

Mike finishes wiping up the nailpaint from the linoleum kitchen floor and puts the brush back in the bottle. "He is."
Tags: hunter/hunted
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