Laridian (laridian) wrote,

CoH Sims (sorta): Ep, Komei, and Men in the Moon

For you CoH Sims people, Ep's CoH player and I had an RP chat sorta thing which explains some of the Ep/Komei/Alien dynamic. Maybe. Or maybe not. ^_~

laridian_lj: I strongly suspect Komei ain't goin' anywhere near that telescope.
anthoras: Heh... is he deathly afraid of it?
laridian_lj: No, but Ep's probably talked about it enough.
laridian_lj: Just 'cause Ep liked it doesn't necessarily mean Komei wants to do it.
anthoras: Heh... I guess Komei doesn't see it in the sam--- yeah
laridian_lj: lol
laridian_lj: "Let's get abducted together! It'll be fun!" "Ep, are you completely out of your mind?"
anthoras: "Yes... yes I am. But that's why you love me"
anthoras: alternately, "And you always complain we never do anything fun!")
laridian_lj: "I love you 'cause you're rich."
laridian_lj: "We do so have fun! Remember when we went stealing garden gnomes and tipping over trash cans?"
anthoras: "If I'm rich... then I'm not crazy... just eccentric"
anthoras: "Bah.. we never go do anything /I/ want to do!"
laridian_lj: "Well, it's not like this town has a restaurant or anywhere fun to go to."
anthoras: "Excatly... So I'm suggesting a road trip! Not only out of town, but out of this world!"
anthoras: "C'mooon it'll be fun!"
laridian_lj: "Who's gonna watch the kids?"
anthoras: "Sorcha's a good kid... she can take care of... umm.. whatsisname"
anthoras: (If we want to go for the whole... absentee parent thing )
laridian_lj: rofl
laridian_lj: "Dammit, Ep! We only got Sebastian because of me! You're secretly a Romance sim, aren't you! Is that why you wanted the Manho's outfit? Planning something behind my back?"
anthoras: "Hey! I'm trying to include you in this! So.. the planning is right infront of your face!"
laridian_lj: (wow, their first big fight)
laridian_lj: If I could get both of these two abducted at the same time, I'd go for it, but I'm not sure it could be done.
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