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Legacy Sims musings

Based on something ariansims said (I think that's who it was), I took a look at my Legacy household and their stats, mostly those of the kids.

In order of age:
Carl (up to now, the potential heir) - 31 points total, strengths are Outgoing, Active and Playful (9's and 10s). Grouchy slob otherwise. *Great*-looking teenager. Minimum of 6 in every skill, 8s in a few, 9 in Creativity, and has 4 days (leaving 1 day of buffer) before he either goes to college or becomes an adult. Family aspect with an easy goal (Captain Hero, just like his dad ^_^ ).

Carla - 27 points total, fairly average point spread except for Neat (she's also a slob). Not as many skills as Carl yet, but she's due to tick over into Teenager within the next play session. Good-looking kid.

Carlos - 35 (!!) points total: 7 Neat, 2 Outgoing, 10 Active, 10 Playful, 6 Nice. Dang. New potential heir here, especially if I can get those skills up; he just ticked over recently into Child, so he's got plenty of time before college. Kinda average-looking, but maybe he'll mature into his looks.

Carlotta - 28 points total, high Playful, a slob, other points average. And the least attractive of the kids, sadly. Again, maybe she'll grow into that nose.

Now, I'm debating what to do about college for these kids. Carlos and Carl are definitely in the running because of their high scores; depending on what Carlos' aspect turns out to be and/or his life goal, and how well he turns out looks-wise, I might have to figure out heir issues. Also, male Sims have a way easier time in Legacy 'cause there's more good-looking female Townies than males (why is that?).

Carla and Carlotta are "average but nice". I really only want to give sims with 30+ points a shot at heirship, so I don't think they're in the running. The question is, do I ship them off to college too, or marry 'em off to CAS's in the neighborhood (so they don't take up the townie population my heirs will later need)? I ask this because by now Uni is pretty boring - it's on the order of a background task to run while doing other things like cleaning up my desk. So I don't want to put any more Legacy kids through college than I have to. I'm still going to bulk up their skills and keep 'em busy, I'm not going to let them just rot. What do you, the viewers at home, think?

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