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The evening weather is starting to cool off, so the kids can go in the back yard now. Toly needs to cut the grass, but M found a patch of dirt near the porch and wanted to play with his construction vehicles, so I brought out a lawn chair to do some xstitch while he played there and K ran around. Then they both got into "nut-picking" which consists of picking up the fallen palm nuts and throwing them into the canal. Then they tried pushing each other in M's large-size dump truck (you really can fit up to a 4-year-old comfortably in there) but they're about each other's weight, and in long grass that can be difficult.

Made a couple hundred meatballs yesterday and we had ground-beef stroganoff for dinner. Kids ate hardly anything yesterday for some reason. They do this now and then so today they'll likely make up for it.

We were planning to go with the folks to the zoo today but it's raining right now, so I'm not sure what we'll be doing. >_>;

Toly tried to take the kids to Toys'R'Us to get a sandbox last night. The idea is that if we have a sandbox on the back porch then M can play with his vehicles there and he's still "safe" because the porch is locked and I can see him easily from the great room. (Plus once the weather cools off some more we'll be opening up all the doors and windows for fresh air.) I was tied up with all the meatballs so I stayed home. Apparently the kids got overexcited about all the toys and started having problems so they came home. Poor K was halfway to tears and M was in tears over not getting the sandbox. I partially blame myself because I think the kids were likely hungry and/or slightly tired at the time and that probably exacerbated things. :(

Guess that's likely it. I was hoping Toly would mow today, but with the rain... well, we'll see. :/ Overall, though, things are pretty good.

Oh, and K is very good with paints. I took those squeeze bottles of food coloring and put them in ceramic dishes, and gave the kids a couple paintbrushes. K painted on a pad of newsprint and then painted some "logs" (hard cardboard struts from Toly's new mini-fridge's packaging). She even put on old clothes first! XD M, on the other hand, showed his continuing penchant for self-decoration.

Here's M after stamping himself on the cheeks.

Here is is covered in food-coloring. I really did hand him paintbrushes. Never once did I say "use your fingers and paint on yourself".


K, on the other hand, only inked up her fingers.

The tub water was PINK that night and I still didn't get it all off his torso. It stained realllll well. And their hands/fingers are still deeply stained too. *sigh* Another lesson learned. But they were so quiet and occupied while painting! Shoulda been the tipoff, huh? ;)
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