Laridian (laridian) wrote,

It's dark so early on a Saturday night

Well, it's been weirdly overcast - but no other signs of bad weather - since 4 pm. Because of the overcastness, we nixed going to the public pool and instead went to a park. It bucketed down rain recently and so a lot of the lower parts of the park are underwater, but the playground is elevated, and there's a low rise (we call it a hill) on site, so the kids ran around there. M really worked up a sweat despite the cool temp (84 F, 28.8 C) and strong breeze. Both kids drank a lot of water. They played/ran around for about 40 min, which was pretty good, and then we went to Target since I had a 10%-off-entire-order coupon. I've been jonesing for board games so I picked up basic Monopoly and Sorry!, and Toly got a mini-fridge because he'd like to keep things actually cold in his office sometimes, like pepperoni. Those little "coolers" aren't good for anything - you can't keep perishables in them because they don't actually keep things cold.

We also got a Bob the Builder portable playset that had Benny the Mini-Digger, which of course M wanted desperately. (We have Trix the forklift, too, but we're holding that one back as a surprise present.) The playset folds into a toy chainsaw (!). And then necessities like a new tablecloth, drinking straws, stuff like that. The tablecloths are in "fall" colors like dark red and dark autumn plaid. :|

I have a strong hankering for jigsaw puzzles, too, but skipped those 'cause I got the two games.

Weird moment of the night: When K asked "Can I have my chainsaw now?" at Target. >_>;

Well, off to do baths, then maybe pop into CoH briefly to see where my characters are at and get them all ready for Sunday. Also! Planning to work on Whirly's fate Sim household this weekend, and take plenty o' pictures. ^_^
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