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HSA meeting

Well, let's see... taking a break from blog/media coverage of NOLA here.

There's only 258 students in K's school, from PreK-3 to 8th grade. That's kind of impressive in that it certainly means a reasonable amount of students per class.

Anyway. They have about 4 of these meetings per year, and they try to keep them to an hour or less, which is nice. Got to sign up for two different programs, the Spring Festival and the Gala, to fulfill our family's volunteering/service hours. Turns out all these years I've mispronounced "Gala" as "gal-uh", instead of the correct "gay-luh". Anyway. Tried to avoid any V/S programs that require me to sell to people, because I'm no good at it.

Finally am getting to know some of the moms of the other kids in K's class. Kinda mixed. I know one as "Shaylee's Mom" (sp? on kid's name) and she's pretty cool. Rhonda (the mom of "Bugbite Kid" according to K) is nice but her kid's, well, kind of a troublemaker. Apparently he gets lots of time-outs. OTOH K is heading to age 4 while Bugbite Kid just turned 3 in June, so there's part of the problem: she's older than him and therefore more mature. Anyway, Rhonda's husband was working or something so she had to bring BBK and the 10mo with her, both of whom got bored early on and started making noise. -_-;

Did some crappy sketches while pretending to take notes at the meeting. Made a huge to-do list for myself. Got to listen to Peer Gynt and Moldau on the way home.

Toly said all went well except the kids really, really wanted me home to put them to bed. He let them stay up until 8:15 waiting for me. I got home about 8:35. :( Well, it's not too often that this should happen, right? (Only like 4x/yr for these HSA meetings.)

Oh, and I found the really squeaky pew (by sitting in it). And most of the HSA officers/fundraising people could use a course in public speaking. Yes, I graduated out of Toastmasters International, I know whereof I speak. They weren't bad, but they could use some pointers. *sigh* The life of a nitpicker. >_>;; The meeting was held in the church because the hall got damaged last year by the hurricanes, and then the building needed some upgrades on top of that, so it should be fixed within a month or so.

Guess that's it. Only 10 pm? Strange. Feels later.
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