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Legacy Sims update

And now, introducing... Captain Hero!!

Okay, he is officially HAWT. You CoH players, you know how rescued civvies say things like "I don't know how I'll ever repay you"? I can think of a way. Rawr. I so want to make this outfit in CoH. Obviously he hasn't hit SL 20 yet since he doesn't have a cape - this outfit pretty much demands one, IMO. Swoon

*ahem* Anyway, on to business.

A mission for Captain Hero, put behind a cut since it's sorta a spoiler for that career track

How it turned out (Or, for those who didn't click - Finch "Captain Hero" Durrance saved the day! Yay!)

Incidentally, between the reward money for saving the day, and Melissa making $75,000 during her home video editor job, this family is rolling in the money, bigtime. They have no idea how to spend it all. O_o;;

Meanwhile, Carl, scion of the family, got himself a wardrobe makeover. It's all very stylish, including, the... um... skull choker ribbon. Wha?

Carl wants to follow his dad and become Captain Hero Jr. Finch gives him good advice like "Become a hero, those desk jobs are the pits" and stuff like that.

Carl also had a successful First Kiss with Ivy Copur, despite the initial problems at their meeting. Carl has great skills except for that awkward one point of Nice (i.e. he's a prankster/grouchy guy). Well, that and he's a slob, but you can't have everything...

Meanwhile, Carla grew up into a pretty happy (and strangely neatfreak in this slobby family) girl.

And Carla also saw firsthand why, even though her dad's a superhero, they always call for a repair-person to fix things instead of fixing the electrical equipment themselves.

"Oooowuggida wuggida wuggida..."

To her credit, Arcadia the Repairwoman is a real trouper. Even though she just got electrocuted, she still sticks her head back in the garbage compacter (!!) to finish the job (!!!). No word on whether seeing a woman electrocuted down to her granny panties has traumatized Carla at all.

And the twins finally grew up too. Now that there's 4 kids (which I never intended them to have that many) Finch figures, "Heck, I'm 40% of the way there - let's go for 10!" Melissa says no way, Jose', four is plenty and she only wanted three at most in the first place. Besides, there seems to be diminishing returns on looks in this family the more kids they have.

Here's Carlos. He looks, well, OK. Carl was cuter.

Here's Carlotta. She got the sharp end of the genetic pineapple, looks like. -_-; Either that or we're already looking for therapy somehow. Poor kid. Maybe she's just an ugly duckling who'll become a swan at some later date...

Next up: Maximizing all of Carl's skills before he goes to college, making those three extra friends so Melissa can hit the top of the Slacker career, and waiting to see if childhood, new clothes and a makeover will help those other two kids.


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