Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Frustrations abound! (kinda)

I seem full of half-fics and ideas at the moment. Androsynth is temporarily a blank (at least I know where to go on that one). SITL is half plotted, the setting is neat, but it doesn't go anywhere. I say "half plotted" in the sense that I can get things set up but then don't know what to do with it. May have to scrap it/save it for later.

CoH, finishing up Rezelman, want to get that tied up before moving on to the next part. Finally had a weird idea for CoH/fantasy crossover but I'd probably just write it up as notes rather than as a fic.

Had an OK night with the 9s. We have a new member, so even though 2 people couldn't make it we still had 9 people. Since team size is limited to 8 that meant two teams. Because of the way some people like to team I ended up on a team of three. We still did OK, though, knocking out both my missions in the Hollows, then two of another member's missions in Skyway and KR respectively. If the Hollows missions hadn't lasted a while we probably could've gone on and done the other KR mish and the Boomtown; oh well. :/ By that time it was 11 pm and I and another teammate had to bail for the night. Oh yeah, that was playing lowbies. Teff dinged 17, so I have to go level him and all that fun stuff at some point.

Feeling better today - probably the sleep helped - though I imagine I'm still sick and I'll feel it more as the day goes on. Oh, and the new xstitch project has eight gazillion fractional stitches. I don't mind these, really. But I had to switch to a size 28 needle (the fine-pointed type) because I'm doing this on 18-count, and I couldn't find any 36-count material to work on, so I just bought 18-count Aida instead and you really need a fine-point needle to do fractionals on Aida. I decided to try using that beige/ivory/whatever color instead of pure white, but now I'm wondering whether I should've stuck with white. Oh well, too late now. ;)

Time to get everyone who isn't up, up, and ready for the day and school and all that stuff. Not hungry yet this morning for some reason.
Tags: sunday 9s, writing woes, xstitch
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