Laridian (laridian) wrote,

CoH Sims: College kids grow up

Well, some of them, anyway....

Two created NPCs (i.e. not townies) graduated from Academie' le Tour (hope I spelled all that right) tonight and, as soon as they move into a place, will then be interacting with the folks in the Outskirts. So... let's meet the new arrivals, shall we? (Sims looking for partners, take note!)

First up is Guy. Here you can see him cutting a rug with Doc (who has a completely different outfit - I don't remember him buying that one, but hey). Doc is actually a pretty good dancer. He is, as Nemesis says, down with the street and can bust a move. Who knew?

Dress code was, well, semiformal I guess. Here Guy is getting a picture taken with his best friend (and possibly, soon, stepbrother) Zel. Yes, I gave him the face tattoo for one night. Bite me. ;) This is actually a screencap from the cutscene so I feel pretty good about grabbing it while I could.

And here Guy is, all grown up, graduated summa cum laude, with a BA in Drama (eh?) and a goal of becoming a pro athlete. Hey, it takes all kinds, you know? Drama is everywhere! But he actually looks pretty good here, doesn't he?

Wherein lies the problem... he's, erm, gay. I should've seen it coming, really. Back when he was a teenager he was always hanging out at Doc's house to play hacky-sack. No big deal about that, really - half the kids in the neighborhood did - but when Guy went to college he kept thinking about Doc a lot. And Zel. And the other guys in the dorm. Erm. Okay, so he started as Romance and switched in sophomore year to Money, but still, you'd think it would've worn off or something, or at least once in a while he'd think about girls, right?

The clincher was the symbol you see in Wants of the two rings. I figured, "Oh, he wants to marry a rich sim" and hovered over it. Nope... he wants to join a rich sim. (He also wants new clothes and a pool table and to talk to Doc and the neighborhood manho and to earn big bucks.) Only same-sex relationships use "join" in Sims, so I did some double-checking on him (via boolprop, for those who know what that means) and, yeah, he's gay. So.

What this means in practical terms is that, should Drew or Teff be interested, you've got a business-minded, good-looking, well-educated young gay male now available. Whirly, you're out of luck here. Sorry! ^^;;

Meanwhile, back to Zel, or Son of Manho. Guy, above, is the son of the woman I nicknamed Deluded, because she's engaged to Manho and expects things to be all cake and roses, while Manho wants to get in everyone's pants. Zel is Manho's son. And best friends with Guy who likes him as more than best friends. The whole family unit is completely fubar, if you ask me, seeing as how Guy also likes Manho of all people. Zel smartly stays the hell out of all this.

Anyway, here we have... Manho! and Son of Manho!

Zel, however, is a Popularity sim with the goal of a zillion best friends (and he's already 1/3 of the way there, which is pretty impressive). Here he is as a freshly graduated adult:

He too is well educated, but has no idea what career he's really going to get into. He majored in Drama too for some reason.

Anyway, there they are. Any takers? ;D
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