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CoH Fic: this should give you something to think about

One-line story request from andrew_jp_reyes, prompt #2 (prompt #1 still in progress!).

Prompt: I look at Heat as he argues with his, and his girlfriends, parents in the main room of our base and clench my jaw in pain as I ignore the jewel ordering me to kill him once again.

Response: It's lost a lot, the jewel, as it talks in my head, and I can tell that the desire to do something against the J-Star – more than one! Here! Two of them descendants of the hated Foxfire! – is so powerful; but it knows, too, that there is nothing it can do at this moment; it would be better to wait for more subtle methods this time, to use a different tactic, and so when one of the other heroes looks at me strangely and asks if I'm all right, I just rub my stomach and unclench my jaw long enough to say, "It's just Heat's chili, I'll be all right."
Tags: aligned, fiction: city of heroes/villains, sunday 9s
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