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Mm, headache at breakfast. I'd forgotten how that felt

Bad headaches last night. Ouch. Not sure what from - haven't had them that bad in a long time, even with occasional bad weather around here.

Pretty busy morning lined up, so I'll get responses to people as soon as I'm able.

Got the van back yesterday afternoon. $525 in repairs. But at least now I can brake without feeling like it's about to throw a wheel.

Good progress on two different xstitch projects despite the headache. I have about half the "Doc works at MAGI" story idea-ized, but I think I can work it into the storyline, too. Speaking of which I have to get on the ball with transcribing the RP...

Busy day ahead, yeah... oh, and K wants to learn xstitch again, or at least "needlework", but she's having problems with the stitching - she keeps wanting to loop the thread around from the back, and that uses up a ton of thread besides being "not right." ^_^; She gets very frustrated by it. But she's not even 4 so you can hardly blame her, you know? Periodically she wants to do this and every time she'll get better.

Xstitchers: On one of the abovementioned projects, each color runs out about 2 stitches from the end. Argh! I hate cutting a whole new length just for two stitches. It's happened on three colors now. Gnah!
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