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So, lessee...

K took a short nap today - short because I woke her up after an hour. I knew she needed a nap because she's still got the runny nose (though no other symptoms *yet*) but at the same time if she sleeps too long at naptime, she's up all night. As it was it was about 8;30 before she went to sleep. Still, 8:30 is better than 10, and she did need the nap quite badly.

Toly is cleaning the office pretty nicely. That's because tomorrow is inspection day for him to get approval to have a home-based business. My computer will likely be shut down during that time. ;) He also finally bought a lawnmower and gas can (no electric mowers were available) and now the garage smells like gas. Sadly, Mom's van (on loan to us) downright reeks of the stuff. I can't leave the windows open all night for obvious safety reasons, so I blitzed it with Febreze and tomorrow whenever driving or when Toly's mowing or whatever we'll leave the windows/doors open to try and air it out. This is kind of important because we'll likely get our car back tomorrow so I have to return the van. O_O;; Anyone got recommendations to get the gas smell out, should the Febreze not work? Toly doesn't think he spilled any in the car. Just driving to Michaels and back gave me a headache. x_x; Yes, we drove with the windows open.

Started the 4th hummingbird xstitch and another small project (yeah, I know, but it's small, should wrap it up in another night or two tops). Got started on the next part of the EF/Doc interrogation phase, which is happening not unlike a pbem (play by email) game. Woot, I say. Now I just have to get caught up on transcribing/filling in.

Getting close to done with aging up the NPC Sims for CoH - they're halfway through junior year now. Yes, it takes forever. ;) So if Whirly can't win Lapis back there's at least a couple other options besides townies.

Keep thinking I've forgotten something. Oh yeah! That meme from tyraarane! Gotta remember that for tomorrow 'cause I'm tired. Zzzzz.
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