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I <3 the library

This is why libraries are nice, despite Google. Yeah, I can look stuff up on Google or Wikipedia late at night. But today we went to the library, and I was looking for something to read to the kids. I tend to pick nonfiction for them 'cause we seem to get more reading mileage out of those than the picture books.

Anyway, looking it up on their orange-and-black computer screen, the card catalog said over in Children's 636 there was a book about dog breeds. That sounded promising - plenty of pictures, dog info, etc. So we went over there. (FYI: The numbers here are Dewey Decimal System. I worked in a library for about 8 months at one point and got pretty fluent in it.) So we sat down in the aisle - we were the only ones in the children's section - and the kids started looking at the book and the new tapes we'd picked out, and I started looking at the rest of the titles.

On the next shelf over was Cooking Aboard a Whaling Ship. Hm! I could maybe use that as reference for Storm Warning! So I pulled that. It's part of a series, so I pull the rest of them (Cooking on a Plantation, etc.). Then a book on Russian cooking as well. Because these are geared for kids, the info is easily laid out, has recipes, plenty of helpful pictures, and interesting bits of information as well.

Of course the cooking section is right next door to crafts, so I got a book on easy-to-make kids' costumes. Then I decided to go into the Adult section to check out the cooking/life books over there. The cookbooks were no help - all fat-free or diabetic or specialty cookbooks or ethnic cookbooks, including one of Lithuanian cooking that I didn't get this time. So off to the 900s (History) to look for sailing ships and stuff like that. Found one that might be of help, though I think I've got enough to research for now.

Now, if I tried to look up "dog breeds" on Wiki, I'd've gotten an OK article, though nothing I could easily show the kids because we don't have a laptop. But I'd've never wandered across those other "articles" (books) by accident from browsing the shelves, so to speak, because the "shelves" with those other topics aren't visible from the Wiki page on dog breeds.

Please bear in mind, I'm not knocking Wiki or Google. Just that a library also has great value to me for the potential unexpected discoveries to be found from casual browsing of the stacks.
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