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My exciting Saturday night

From howardtayler, this article in which an author sued Dan "The Da Vinci Code" Brown. Part of the lawsuit claimed that Brown had - get this - stolen the 'notion' that history is controlled by the victors.

Hey! You stole my 'notion' that gravity causes things to fall to earth! I'm gonna sue!

In other news, I resuscitated my weekly newsletter after a 4-week hiatus, and I think my blood sugar is dropping back to normal. Yay! It still means no popcorn at the movie tomorrow, though, no matter how much I crave it. (And yeah, Lapis, I know you said it was lame. I like Kurt Russell and I like superheroes and a super-high-school with all that pushes my buttons, so I'm gonna give it a try. ;) After the movie, dinner at the folks' house, Mom said she's making prime rib, mmm.

Winn-Dixie has an offer up right now, basically buy $50/groceries/week for 6 weeks and you get gift cards for gasoline. This is not hard for me to do (spend $50/week at the store), between Toly's diet soda intake and the kids' recent grilled-cheese-sandwich mania. You know how a loaf of bread (even the whole-wheat type) has about 22 slices in it? Today we went through 18 slices of bread. Including grilled cheese, toast, cheese toast, and peanut butter sandwiches. Yah, the kids're getting their 9-11 servings of whole-grain bread lately, that's for sure. The slice cheese is not cheap either - I buy the 5-lb package of it because we use it in everything.

Discovered today that apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, garlic powder, black pepper and oregano make an interesting simmer sauce for ... well, it was beef and vaguely steak-shaped, so let's call 'em small steaks. Pretty tasty, really.

Made a new "family" icon with K today. I should scan my xstitch progress. But what I should really do is write. Except I'm stuck in limbo and need inspiration and I know I should finish up the CoH arc and get Lynn and the gunner back to Eta Vulpeculae 2 in Androsynth series and I've still got like 10 different things I could work on. Nertz.
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