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Now I lay me down to SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEp....

Tired and I think there's thunder in the distance. Played about 30 min of Llocke & Llode w/Toly, did 2.5 street hunting missions until the rubberbanding got so atrocious that it wasn't worth it. Still, pretty good work. Also took 30 min to refresh ourselves w/our Dragonstar characters, the setting, and the timeline of events that's brought our characters this far along (6mo into the game and everyone's still level 1...). Played some Legacy Sim, and am having trouble with the baby not growing up. Anyone else had this trouble? For whatever reason, the baby doesn't age up into Child stage when it's supposed to, and then every hour on the hour it keeps trying to but fails. The kid's gone an extra 24 hours by this point. >:? This happened once with the Serling twin boys - one aged properly, the other took about 6 hours to follow up. Have no idea why this one's taking so long.

Didn't get any writing done; didn't feel like it. No xstitch neither. I did take the kids to the pool though for about 30 minutes. We were the last people there and you could tell the employees just wanted us to go home so they could close up and go home (it closes at 6 and we got there at 5; by 5:30 we were the last ones in the pool). Well, I can see where having two lifeguards for three people might seem a bit much. Anyway, after 30 min it was time for us to go anyway. M never did nap today, and the kids both went to bed at their usual time; K was very tired and I suspect M did conk out pretty quickly. Whatcha wanna bet that M will now switch to no-naps just as K starts getting worn out at preschool and needs naps again? ^_^;;

M used the potty twice today for #1. Probably sheer luck that it happened, but we sang his praises anyway. The second time he said he had to poop, we ran to the potty, but he'd already done so in his diaper, but hey, put him on the potty anyway, and he peed. Huzzah!

...Man, I remember when my vocabulary never went near the words "poop" and "pee". Parenthood, huh?

Guess that's it. G'night.
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