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Today's plan (har): No Sims. Get to work.

Looks like Toly's got scanning for me to do, and I need to finally upload those pix of the kids and do the newsletter for the first time in a month. Bad me.

Toly got the art up yesterday, and it looks very nice. He and Dad also got a couple truckloads of red mulch and got the front of the house done. Downside is that Toly forgot to put any sunscreen on and the back of his neck is kinda pink. Owie. Gonna need probably 3 more sessions of mulch to finish up the house.

Things have been happier at home, which is very nice.

I also want to take a stab at some actual fic-type writing today if I can.

In weather news, it's been great not to have headaches for so long now. Lawn's lookin' kinda brown, though. :/
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