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Courtesy of momsdinercodelj, Pro Wrestler becomes Japanese comic, and he's Haado Gei (aka Hardcore Gay).

In other news, I'm dead tired, I've eaten very little, I'm not hungry, I don't feel like writing or gaming or anything. I might do some xstitch or something. Toly had to miss a doctor's appt because of being laid off but they're charging us for it anyway 'cause it was with "less than 24 hours notice". Oh well. Not sure who they're charging, since the insurance quit with the layoff.

Did the pony rides this morning at the library. It was free. (the right price) Supposed to start at 10 am, but we got there at 9:30 and so I was lucky enough to reserve our places as #4 and 5 in line. Good thing too, 'cause the line was out in the hot sun and it was baking out there. M rode the pony and K rode the horse. Both kids had a good time and nobody was scared at all, which had been a worry of mine. Photos later.

Mom has had no weather headaches for 4.5 days (yes, she's counting) and neither have we, it appears. Probably because we've had no rain at all during this time, not even the appearance of clouds. My garden is wilting but, eh, whatever. As long as the plumeria live I'm fine with that, and they like hot weather (though they probably could use a drink right about now).

M is being exceptionally affectionate today and yesterday. Maybe he realizes I'm not doing well. He even tried to take a nap with me, but it didn't work and he had to go into his crib for his nap after all. Only about 50 minutes though since he slept in until 8 this morning. Oh well. At least they're doing OK given that we can't go outside due to heat. Hitting low 90s most days now, heat index higher of course.

Going to try to keep the "I'm so depressed" posts to a minimum 'cause I know people get bored with them after a while.

So! Next time I get back into Sims, which household should I play? Any thoughts? Oh! and here's something weird. Family aspect Sims are usually darn nice, it's hard for them to be mean. But remember I said Teff got in a fight with another gay man? That guy has Family aspect and he actually has as a goal "see Teff's ghost" - which is the closest the game gets to "wants to see Teff dead." YIKES! O_o;;
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