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Going to bed momentarily.

Been mildly ill all day, but not because of the layoff. Because I was feeling bad, though, my kids probably watched Bob the Builder videos about half the time they were awake. Ugh. But I also got some laundry taken care of and some groceries and cooking, the mail run and the trip to the library. Toly ended up giving them baths & bedtime stories though; I was too out of it by then.

Played some CoH Sims and finally got back to Teff and drew. They're still roommates, even after Teff got beat up by another gay guy (no kidding). drew just wants to learn everything possible (e.g. max out all his skills) and Teff wants moneymoneymoney so he's in the medical field... coincidentally, same as drew. Freaky. Anyway, they're kinda boring to report on, no doubt because they're not wooing anyone or having alien babies or whatever.

Oh, but I finally, finally put in a community lot! In Sims, this means "a place that's not a house." I put in the One-Stop Shop, which sells groceries, clothes, magazines, and two video games (SimCity4 and Sims: Bustin' Out - synergy!). So Teff was one of the first ones to go there, and he bought several new outfits (which drew also wears sometimes) and some magazines.

So far they're both doing well in work and they've invited people over now and then and they have about 6 family friends between them.

In other news, Whirly really, really likes to tell dirty jokes. The kind that involve dramatic booty shakin', apparently.

I'll check my email and respond to comments tomorrow. G'night for now...
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