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Tonight's to-do list

Mostly just posting this for my own benefit, but here goes:

1. Update Androsynth Fiction site.
2. Finish Spamprovs #4 Androsynth fic (about 3/4 done) Edit: Still not done, but just about - just can't figure out how to work the words "Varnish" and "Cognac" in without resorting to "This cognac tastes like varnish!"
3. Maybe write one more FMF or something... we'll see
4. CoH - find the special Natural origin shop and get good upgradable schtuff for 5th Columnist so he can MAYBE go complete one or more of his 3 backlogged missions! I can't get any new missions until I complete one of the others Edit: Found the shop, but can't afford anything, and all the enemies nearby kill me by just breathing hard in my direction... wah
5. Check email, like, 50 billion times to see if the stuff I'm waiting for is coming in
6. Order game for my brother and SIL's anniversary in July (yeah, I'm early)
7. Order magazine for Mom
8. Submit contest entries via online

9. Debate scanning and posting of Androsynth section of Star Control hyperspace star map (damn I'm nerdy!) Edit: Unless there's a hyper lot of demand for it, I'm not gonna.
10. Work on double dragon celtic knot xstitch

...this doesn't include all the other stuff on my plate, just the stuff I think I have a hope of finishing tonight. :/

ETA! I now have 30 stories on my Androsynth Fiction site! w00t for me!! :D
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