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Well! Dark skies in the west - rain time! And a mild headache. But I've wanted to use my new Headache userpic for a while, so here it is. Guess we're not going to the pool today. Thundery!~

Wrangling with CoH fic "Train Wreck." Mostly figuring out who's there by now.

PC Gamer magazine is giving away 5 copies of Psychonauts. All you have to do is send an email to eyewitness@pcgamer.com with "Psych Me" in the subject heading, and include your name/address in the body of the email. I would do this in a heartbeat, but Florida law prohibits it. (See, Canucks? You're not the only ones. Rhode Island and Puerto Rico are the same way.) US Residents only, except where noted (boo!) If anyone wants to do this for themselves, though, go for it. Or do it for me & mail me your copy afterward. :P I'll pay postage!

K will be 4yo on 12/12. This will follow her throughout school as Sept. 1 is the cutoff for any school year. E.g. for kindergarten, you have to be 5yo as of 9/1. This means K will be nearly 6 by the time she's allowed into kindergarten, etc.

Meanwhile, she wants to go to school and I want some time off. ;P So I checked into preschool programs. I'm late on this, bad me. But after some work I finally got in touch w/the person from my church for their program ("Kingdom Kids"). It's 2 days a week, Mon/Wed, from 9-12. Oh, and I have to be there the whole time, because it's supposed to have a high parent/student/teacher ratio or something like that. It costs $100/year and there's monthly parent meetings and so on and so forth.

In essence, to do this, I'll have to find someone to babysit M twice a week for the length of the school year. Like my Mom. And I think this is a bit much to ask of her.

There are other issues too, like how the chairperson of Kingdom Kids has only just moved into the parish 2 months ago, which means she's learning on the job, and how she admitted that nobody else was bustin' down the door to do the job. She was a bit defensive about me saying I'd been calling to find out about KK. "I have only one call from you, and there's another person, and I was going to get back to you this weekend. I work full-time and have two kids." Hello? This is the internet age, lady! I can't wait until the weekend for you to get back to me! Whatever happened to calling back within 24 hours? Man, I'm spoiled.

Anyhoo, I said please keep me on the list, while privately thinking maybe KK isn't such a hot idea for the reasons mentioned above. So I poke around a bit.

Mom tells me again about Mother's Day Out, which is usually run by the Protestant churches, but sounds much more to my liking. MDO costs, too, though I don't know the price. But the one SIL does is about 5-6 hours straight. You drop the kid(s) off and pick them up afterwards. They do the same kinda preschool stuff there too, from what I understand – crafts, learning letters/numbers, that sort of thing. And M is potentially able to go too, but I might hold him back (more on this below). This would have the benefit of K still learning things, but also getting the all-important socialization that she's not getting here at home. She behaves well, but she really needs to get used to a school setting and how to behave in a group: listening to directions and following them, lining up to go somewhere, working with others besides her family. And I think she really wants to move on, too – to go to school and learn more.

M, on the other hand, is sharp as a tack but not as socially mature as K is. He doesn't share well at all right now, so I need to instill some better behavior in him. He's becoming a greedy pig about certain things, so ditto on that. So if I end up doing MDO – which is not guaranteed as yet – I might keep M out of it until he's a bit older.

This afternoon (barring the rain) I hope to get to Publix and pick up the free "Space Coast Parent" booklet that comes out every month or so. It's supposed to have lots of info & contact info about schools and programs, and maybe they'll have an MDO listed somewhere, or some pre-K programs that will let her in. I think she'll be bored to tears if she has to stick to Kingdom Kids or other programs for two years straight before she can go to kindergarten.

Anyway, that's the state of things on that front. Just some musings. Oh, and I tried to call the church school about their actual, official pre-K program (apart from KK) but they're on summer hours and won't be open until Tuesday. So. We'll see what I can come up with over the weekend, I guess.


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