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Writing status, the 9s, and Toly

By my calculations, I now owe 5600 3600 words to Julnawrimo. Ow.

Stuff to work on:
Suzerain (poor, neglected Suzerain. I need help to get this one going again, I think)
CoH - 2000 words written
Push vignette, requested by several people
Monkey Island, requested by thatnickguy
SF/F crossover, requested by hylandr
"It's okay to feel that way, but could you be a little less enthused about it?" challenge from mimerki
"Good God Man! Get the hell away from me with that thing!" challenge from jack_grimm

...pretty sure that's everything. So yeah, there's plenty to work on today. ^^; Though I'm feeling masochistic enough to say "throw me a challenge if you dare!"

In other news, had a great teamup last night with the 9s. Played Bone, got the hang of the new layout at last. Vix had the Redeemer badge mission, so we did that, then did one of my missions, then split up the team. (Whirly came on and some of the lower level folks went to do their own thing.) Did Doc's DE mission from HEDoubletoothpicks. Took Fer-Ever to do. OTOH loads of mad xp. Bone went from 31.3 to 31.8, almost, and probably would've done it if he hadn'd died three times in the last big fight. Owie. >_< Almost had a TPK in that one. But we rallied and managed, and I cleared some of those Awakens out of my inventory. It ended about midnight, way later than we figured, but I had a good time and I hope everyone else did too. I could barely keep my eyes open by the end though.

Toly's plane was delayed so he didn't get in until sometime after midnight (since I went to bed). I heard him get in but didn't try getting up... figured I'd better get some sleep. Son of a gun, the kids are still asleep right now, but I woke up at 6:30 anyway. Oh well! ^_^ At least he's back home safe and sound now.

So, on to see if I can write anything before someone gets up and/or I have to start making breakfast for people.
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