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CoH Sims: Meanwhile, Down the Block...

YES, I was a lazy bum this afternoon and spent the whole time playing Sims. Bite me. XP

Lapis and Nightkill found a better, smaller place more suited to two roommates. As you can tell after Whirly turned Lapis down, Nightkill is ready to take advantage of the situation.

Things seem to be going well between them, though - Lapis is obviously on the rebound as he engages in some tickling with Nightkill. (no, really)

Then a bunch of people came over to welcome them to their new house.

Later in the same party, Lapis "dances" (sorta) to the music while Nightkill, Drew and Tee (the woman in the pigtails) play hacky-sack and a couple other folks play chess. Busy place.

The downer of the party is that I think Drew was sick. He kept running to the bathroom and throwing up. As you can imagine this really negatively impacts a room's Environment score by the time he's done this a few times:

Speaking of Drew, this amusing message came up when TB tried to call him the next day:

Meanwhile, across the street, Iain Bennett moved into Whirly and TB's place. Poor Whirly got a makeover in anticipation of the new roomie, and was greatly distraught by the results.

Is she suffering from razorburn or deodorant allergies?

Iain shows off his mad juggling skillz.

"Ooh... he's so dreamy!!"

Whirly tried The Forbidden Dance...

(A movie of the dancing would be great. As Toly notes, it's dirty-dancing once they get friendly enough.)

... which escalates into a pillow fight! POW! Iain's got a good arm there!

But Whirly strikes back!

Whirly's trying like mad to get Iain to like her. They both have Popularity aspect, so that kinda works. Iain just wants to party, Whirly wants to be a five-star general (!!) and TB wants to be a sports star.

Now to see if I can get some real storytelling done...
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