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CoH Sims: Trouble in the Home

I am so far behind on my writing. I still owe 4400 words, but I lay down and slept for 2 hours 'cause I needed it. So now I've got to do that, but the kids are waking up, and tonight is the Sunday 9s. I may have to crunch out like 6k words tomorrow, owie. O_O;

Got the teapots to the Michael's store for their frame sale and it still costs a mint because it's such a weird size. Ouch.

Meanwhile, on to some stuff I did this a.m. Because it's time for...

It looks like a happy enough scene, but trouble is brewing. Ep has found love and parenthood (all within 24 hours!) and everything is going fine... for him. Unfortunately, Doc disagrees.

On the one hand, it looks like Komei's the right type to help Ep take care of baby Sorcha. He spends a great deal of time caring for her. She likes her birth daddy best, but Komei will do. ;)

Here, he hasn't even changed out of his work clothes yet.

Ep also takes time to play with his baby girl:

(Note the dirty diaper on the floor. Ep is not the neatest of people.)

Doc, on the other hand, doesn't like the change to his routine - the diapers everywhere, Komei abruptly moving in, and Doc getting pushed off to the tiny secondary bedroom. And now that Komei wants to adopt a baby, and Ep's talking dreamily about going back to the aliens "just once more," Doc is getting pretty ticked off. But he's still good friends with Ep, so what can he do? (His friend Ray Jeffries is no help, since Ray is busy having a huge family anyway.)

He takes the fight to Komei, that's what he does.

Words are said, and Komei tries to get along, but Doc's too busy pushing buttons, evidently. After all, when Sorcha grows up, at least she'll have the "baby room" to live in, but if Komei and Ep get more, where are they going to put these extra mouth(s) to feed? The scene gets ugly in a hurry.

Ep's unintentional intervention ("Dinner! We're having mac & cheese!") breaks it up... for now.

Will Doc move out? Will he kick Ep's family out instead? We shall see...
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