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CoH Sims: Ep's Whirlwind Life

Well, I've done a ton of laundry, cleaned up K's room, made breakfast for the family, and decided to play a little Sims before going to the store & library. So let's pick up, shall we?

Whirly and Lapis are friends, but according to Whirly, just that - friends. Heartbroken, Lapis turns to Nightkill (his roommate, conveniently) who seems just fine with him being around more often. Whirly is more interested in the new guy in town - Iain "Emerald Flames" Bennett.

But will T.B. (Trouble Bubble) interfere? We'll find out soon! (There's a bug in Lapis' house, btw, so I'll have to move him and Nightkill out before I can continue with them.)

Meanwhile, over at Phoenix 80 (Doc and Ep's house) Ep hired a nanny to take care of Sorcha so he could go to work. Then he called in sick! Apparently he did so just so he could invite his good buddy Komei over. They met at work.

Ep finally told Komei how he felt. Turned out Komei had been waiting for Ep to say something! It was lurve at last!

(Incidentally, Ep's idea of flirting seems to be holding hands. Rather shy. But maybe that comes from being a new parent?)

Deciding to seize the day, Ep proposed. Komei leaped into his arms. (It was a movie, and since nobody can watch the movies, you'll have to take my word for it.) They had a civil union with no ceremony. I guess when you're an alien abductee and had a baby out of wedlock, you might want to keep things quiet. ^^;;

(Incidentally, the Simoleons symbol above Komei's head? The S sorta thing? That means Komei's happy 'cause he married a rich sim. Woo!)

"You may now kiss the groom. Either of them."

So now Komei's moved in. His aspect is Money (Ep's is Knowledge). They work at the same place (!) so they'll be seeing a lot of each other. Komei's feelings toward Sorcha are as yet unknown. However, Komei wants to adopt a child. Will Ep agree, or does he want to have another alien offspring? And what will Doc think when he gets home from work? Tune in tomorrow...
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