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The morning after

Feeling a little better this morning, though I think I kept waking up during the night. Kids slept in until 6:30 (woo) so that helped.

I have so much housework to do. It bites. :( Plus the framing sale ends today, so unless I can knock out a miracle and get all the remaining teapots backstitched, I won't be able to frame the piece until the next sale. (Trying to be better about using the sales like that.) And now I owe, what, 3200 words or so... wait, I did an extra 600 the other day, so I only owe 2600 words. Whee. Oh, I did get a few hundred words on a fic done last night, but I remember even while writing them that I wasn't sure if it was working, so I don't count those.

Respecced Bone last night. Probably did a half-a' job of it, but he only had one respec and really needed something to be done. We'll see if he does another respec trial, eh? Seems OK so far except I have to keep rearranging my power tray, 'cause I'm hitting the wrong powers by accident. Oh, and got him Hasten.

Well, guess that's it. More later, of course.
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