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Sunday morning.

Tired. M might be sick, but it's hard to tell - it's more by behavior than any visible symptoms. Very clingy. I gave him some medicine to be on the safe side. Maybe he's got weather headaches, I dunno. I have a mild headache but that could be from the bad night of sleep. I don't feel too bad, but still tired.

So much to do today, and I already had the folks babysit yesterday so I could do Julnawrimo, and I feel like I'm falling behind before I even begin. And it's not even 8 am yet.

I'd love to go out for breakfast. There's a couple places that I could get a fairly low-carb breakfast, e.g. bacon/eggs/grits or bacon/eggs/1 pancake, that kind of thing, and I just don't feel like cooking, but I do feel like having that kind of breakfast. Besides, I don't have any bacon. :/

Feeling beseiged, though there's really no reason for it.

Almost done with the teapots xstitch basic stitching. Then lots of backstitch. But I should be able to finish this week, so maybe I can still get it in for the 50% off framing sale. That'd be nice.

Headache's increasing, so I'd better get my first pair of Motrin for the day. Whee. Yet another reason to get the bleep out of Florida. :(

Oh, and I did some nice things for people, and only one of them even mentioned it, so now I feel like I'm being punished again for trying to be nice.
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