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Got Heat's enhancements all straightened out last night. Forgot he was SL 32 and therefore could start using 35s. He now is completely broke again, but his powers are all fixed up. Toly is amazed Heat doesn't have Hasten yet. Until the enhancements were fixed he called Heat a fixer-upper. >:/

Got a little over a page written last night, we'll see if I can post something today. (I can already tell I need to edit what I wrote.)

Today I'm taking 60 items of children's clothing to one of the "baby stores" to see if they'll give me anything for it. I'd rather have cash than consignment or store credit. I'm also thinking of getting a haircut. Everyone says I should have long hair, but they're not the ones caring for it. Since the Monkey Island photoshoot has apparently been pushed back to "not this year", unless I do it myself as solo Guybrush, I think it's OK to at least get a trim. ^_~

Yesterday at Sam's, it was pouring down rain while we were inside - this is the wettest June we've had in some years - so we (the kids and I) browsed the books for once. I picked up a Pre-K Comprehensive Curriculum book for K. It's pretty basic: coloring within the lines, learning to trace letters, picking out the one thing that doesn't belong, stuff like that. I said to K that this would be her school book and after M went to bed, she could stay up a while to work on that. Her eyes got all big and she had a huge smile as she said "Thank you, Mommy!!!"

So last night we put M to bed at his usual time, although it took him 20 minutes to calm down (more on him in a minute). During this time K was working on the coloring parts of her book. After that we tried to do the next part. We are slightly thwarted by my impatience/frustration: to me, as an adult, this stuff is really easy, and even though I know she's only three and a half, I feel the "this is easy, you should get it on the first try!" thing coming up. So I have to bite that down and go slowly and patiently. We did OK. After 20 minutes she was done - about the time limit I'd expected - and so we put it away for the night and she went to bed. Perhaps more amazingly, she went to bed without any fuss and without getting up again! Yay!

M, meanwhile, is getting a bad case of the gimmes, which is normal in a 2yo, but the big problem here is K, believe it or not. Anytime he wants something she has, she gives it to him. It's very frustrating because I'm trying to teach him that you can't get everything you want whenever you want it just by saying "I want that!", but K openly shows that he can. I have told her repeatedly that I don't want her just giving in to his demands - it's bad for both her and him. She doesn't listen. I don't want her to be like this toward other people, either. Or M will grab a toy away from her, and when I take it back and try giving it back to K, she says "I was done with it, Mommy, M can play with it." Argh!

Anyway, I hope the weather is done with rain for a while, so we can go out somewhere for a change.

Those of you who have played games that allow you to pick the character's name: Have you ever decided there are "lucky" and "unlucky" names for games? Back on the Amiga, we had one name (Il Vox Eternum) that guaranteed great games no matter what - SimCity, Populous, Roadwar 2000. And there were other names that guaranteed hard troubles in your game of choice. I think I've found a Hard Trouble name for Pirates. Either that or the latest patch has ramped up the difficulty to Unbelievable.
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