Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Saturday afternoon

I got piratey this afternoon - loaded up Pirates! and played that for a while. Accidentally put it on Newbie level though, so everything's super easy, but given how hard it is to pick that game back up if you leave it for a while, it's not so bad. (By which I mean: playing the game itself is not hard, but if you leave it for a few weeks and then load a saved game, you-the-player often don't remember what the heck you were doing last nor what you were supposed to accomplish. At least now the Captain's Log keeps track of this sort of thing.) I mean, I've already defeated four pirates in about 2 hours; I really need to double-check the difficulty level before I start the game proper.

Thinking of making gorditas tonight. Am attempting my first whole-wheat pie crust. Cherries are macerating in sugar/tapioca/almond extract; with luck they'll form a syrup in, oh, an hour, since they're frozen. Need to come up with something for Toly, though, since he's not big on cherry pie. Maybe vanilla pudding?

It rained, so it's just as well we're not going to the pool today, although now it's Rainy Day Activity time and we're burning through those. Oh, and I set up an appt. for next weekend at the kids' consignment shop; no more than 60 items of clothing or 10 items that aren't clothing - that's the limit for what to bring in. Getting anything out of the garage would be OK at this point, so I'll round up 10 items easy enough and then go through some of the clothes, I guess.
Tags: food, kids, pirates!, rain
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