Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Had an excellent time at the pool. Cost $2 to get in (I'm guessing M was free?) - me and the kids - Toly stayed home to clean the office bathroom. The pool "floor" was rubberized plastic so it was easier on people's feet and hands, being as shallow as it was. The kids went nuts. :) Fountains, sprays, showers, and it was very shallow - only got up to about 1.5' deep (half a meter) at most, on a shallow grade. They both loved it, the kids - M had such a look of happiness and confidence on his face, completely unlike when we try for the beach. Both kids got their faces sprayed at some point, and M fell face first in the water a few times, but to their credit, they both just laughed it off and kept going. M would say "I'm okay, Mom!" and wipe his face and smile. :)

We spent 90 min there. Slathered faces/backs/chests with sunblock as appropriate, but I think we still got some tan - 90 min in a splashing pool probably does a number on sunblock, y'know? ;) I wore the other new bikini, which I think I like better color-wise.

There's also a large twisty slide, but you have to be at least 7 to use it (and probably know how to swim) since it's in a deeper part of the pool. You can also get a summer pass, but it's $74 for a family, and that comes out to about 37 visits at $2 per visit. I'm not sure we'll be going that often. I'll take a look at the form - if we can get my folks in on it too, maybe it'll be more worthwhile.

Kids were good and hungry when we got home, and I expect they'll sleep well tonight (at least, I hope so!). Ah, but will they take baths in a little while after so much time in the pool? Gotta wash the residual sunblock off, I think...

Partway through book #3 (which I read during dinner). Going to play with the 9s tonight, looking forward to it, which is a good feeling. ^_^
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