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Wooo, my brain!

Well. Strange night indeed.

First: Had a very strange dream. I walked into the office and saw Mom at my computer, reading my blog. I won't go into the discussion about it, but the dream was realistic enough that I then worried for some time about what to do - rename my LJ? Close this one and start a new one somewhere else under a different name? Make this one Friends Only from now on? And if I used a different name, which one? Skeery stuff for a CRC-16 like me. ;) (Androsynth readers will get that joke)

Second: The dream continued, except the world was due to end, well, shortly. Black hole or something equally huge and cosmic was heading for the planet. The black hole/cosmic mess would wipe out everything and then restart the universe. It would take a few hours, though. (Obviously, it made the "what to do about my LJ" problem rather moot.) So I left a short message on my LJ for all of you, along the lines of "It's been wonderful knowing all of you, I hope to see you in the next incarnation of the universe. Goodbye :)" Even as I knew people would misinterpret that as "OMG she's gonna off herself!", I still posted it and then went for one last dinner with my family.

Talk about apocalyptic.

Third: The kids actually slept in, both of them, until close to 7 am. Since I got to bed after 11, this was just fine by me. ^_^ K took forever to get to bed, and I think M was tired all yesterday from getting up early and having an extremely short nap. So that was very nice, them sleeping in.

...Evidently I need a new icon just for "whacked-out dreams" posts. O_o; I'll use this one in the meantime, but man.


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