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CoH Sims: The Baby Wars heat up

So I decided to do some CoH Sims while eating lunch, and I figured I'd play long enough for Vicky's 3rd baby to show up. Pyro is now a child instead of a toddler, Push is hours away from becoming a teenager (and a tubby one at that - he needs to put down the dolls and exercise). All babies are born around 11 am in Sims, so at least I knew when the little one would show, right?

Now, I had a name for a boy and a name for a girl...

Yes! Twins! Twin boys! So they are now Nick and Victor. (Vicky got to the birth certificate before Eric this time. "At least some of our children will have normal names!") I think Nick has blue or gray eyes and Victor has green, but I'm willing to bet good money they've got pointy ears like their older brothers. Magic and Tech origins just don't mix.

So, the Serlings are one up on the Jeffries clan now: 4 boys vs. the Jeffries' 2 girls and 1 boy. I know Ray and Jamie will rally, though...

(Yes, this means that eventually everyone in this town will be surnamed either Serling or Jeffries. Dang.)

By the way, I'm really strapped for names for this family if they don't have a girl soon. O_o; Any suggestions are welcome.

Here is the same event, different angle.

OK, on to work now.
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