Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Androfic: FMF 92: Showdown

For 15minuteficlets' Challenge #92. Actual word not shown here so as not to spoil it for other FMF writers.

Title: Showdown
Fandom: Star Control (pre-SC1)
Warnings: Violence
Characters: Lynn, the gunner
Word Count: 434
Notes: Late tenth month of 2111, Eta Vulpeculae 2.
To be archived at Androsynth Series.
Disclaimer: The Star Control universe and concept of the Androsynth are property of Toys for Bob. The Androsynth society, all characters in my Androsynth fics and all extrapolation of those ideas are mine.


She walked down the corridor to her room. He was supposed to be back soon, after his tour of duty with the spacers. The problem with spacers (from Lynn's point of view, anyway) was that they had unreliable schedules. Not that this had ever bothered her before, but after his recent message to her, she didn't want to be taken unawares.

She stopped at her door and breathed slowly. He didn't understand at all. And maybe she couldn't make him understand, but she had to try, assuming he didn't shut off his brain first. She opened the door and stepped inside.

It was dark, which wasn't unusual, but something was wrong, she sensed it, and could practically feel the adrenaline and other hormones suddenly flush through her so that everything was hyper-real, so that when he attacked a moment later, she dodged enough that his teeth met her shoulder instead of her throat.

She'd known, oh how she'd known he'd be like this, as she clawed at his face with her opposite hand and kicked and fought. He associated too much with his stupid namesake, always the biting thing, but she could bite back, as she broke free from him and ran for the kitchen to get a knife.

He chased after her, tackled her, and she wasn't afraid at all, just on fire with rage, jabbing, kicking, because she was Androsynth too should be Gynosynth and just as healthy and vicious as he could be.

He snarled something she didn't listen to, tried to get his hands around her neck, but it was her turn to bite and she did, bringing all the force her jaws could muster on the soft tissues of his fingers, trying to tear and break, because a gunner needs his hands if he's going to fly. He pulls his hand back, she holds on, until he slams her head down onto the ground, stunning her, and then he springs away, why?, but it's enough time for her to get the bread knife and slash at the air between them, just in case.

It hadn't occurred to her to yell for help or make any noise. She was used to the old way, on Earth, where nobody would come anyway.

He struck again, aiming for her throat, even as she slashed again and again with the knife, blood splashing around her, and then he just uses his fists, and –

~ ~ ~

When some of Lynn's neighbors came to the door to see what the noise was about, it was still dark inside, with ragged breathing breaking the stillness.
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