Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Did some more badging last night with Heat. Cleaned out Boomtown, Crey's Folly, Galaxy City, and Brickstown (and got the last one I missed in Steel somehow). Got a few History badges, including "Just Said No to Superadine" (love that title!).

Today is the grad party for one of my many cousins, so we'll be going to that this afternoon, and I'm going to get m'hair done late this a.m. Watched Star Wars Ep 4 last night. What struck me was how much quieter a movie it was. It was still the "enhanced" version (the one with the extra critters on Tatooine), but, well, what can you do, at least until Lucas passes on and whoever then owns the rights decides to make even mo' money by selling "the original theatrical version".

Anyway. Part of this was no doubt because we kept the sound down so the kids wouldn't wake up - K admonished me at bedtime to "be quiet so kids can sleep" - but overall it didn't have that overloaded, frenetic, "noisy" feel to it. Yes, the battles are much smaller and have fewer ships; it made the prequels feel too frenzied and chaotic, in retrospect. Yes, the prequel battles are probably more realistic, but at least I could pay attention during Ep 4's battles.

And, at least during the early scenes, Luke is his father's son (emooooo!). But he gets better. He's still more appealing than Anakin, no doubt because Mark Hamill was a better actor.

I've had no desire to write fiction for a couple days now. It's an interesting feeling. Oh, I did some musing on Suzerain yesterday during the movie, but I don't actually feel like getting any of my thoughts down "on paper". Just a heads-up to let everyone know what's going on regarding the various fics.
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