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Pretty crappy night. Had to put the AC on at last, after K woke up drenched with sweat; no matter what we've done, the kids' rooms are still too warm, even though I can get the main room of the house cool from leaving the windows open. So I set the AC for about 80 so at least there'd be some airflow without making the house too dry; as it was, I began coughing shortly after the AC went on, and had to get a cough drop.

But then, the cold meds kept me awake, and M in particular kept waking up needing something or other, so it was past 1 am before I got to sleep, and still got woken up periodically. Not-yay. I expect I'll be napping at lunchtime just to a) make up for it and b) be awake during the TF tonight.

So I'm very grouchy this morning. Grrr! >:(

I have several loads of laundry to fold, I need to get breakfast, I have no idea how to entertain the kids today, and I still have to do some writing, because last night's stuff (upon looking at it today) bites. Not sure if I'm looking at a rewrite or a complete scrap/do-over.

Happy news is appreciated.
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