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5 Questions from thatnickguy

1) Do you ever get sick of Doug The Troll posts and/or pictures?
Nope! I love 'em. They're very funny. I just want to see Doug get his whole Troll supergroup together and go bust heads. Get some pix of that!

2) Poof! You're suddenly a programmer for City of Heroes and you're allowed to add whatever new features you want. What would they be?
Hm. Bomber jackets. More streetwear options. Long skirts (I know they're coming, I'm impatient). Allow all costume options for both genders (I know guys who want shoulder kitties). Allow Radiation blasters (I know you can make a Rad defender, but it's not the same). More face options. Ability to join NPC groups like Hero Corps and be given missions by them. Living quarters that you can improve as your SL and influence improves (from flophouse to penthouse!). Actual ability to integrate your chosen background into your missions, e.g. "kid sister, workaholic dad and elderly aunt, any of whom might get caught up in your missions somehow". (This last would be optional, I figure, since some folks aren't into that. Maybe after you hit SL 50, kind of like how you can get Kheldians.)
That's all I can think of, off the top of my head.

3) What's your all time fave fic that you've written? Why?
Hoo boy. This one's pretty tough. You just specified "fic" and not "fanfic", so that opens up even more. ;) I tend to like all my work, actually (picking the worst would be harder). There's a piece that occasionally resurfaces on the web under a previous username of mine, involving clones and cyberpunk themes; I've gotten some good reviews on that, if you ignore the "where's the pr0n?" comments it originally got. (My mistake for writing character study, I suppose.)
Of course I like My Book which you should all buy, because it helps me support my kids! :D (If you buy it directly from me, I'll autograph it for you.)
Androsynth Series... really tough call. It's not finished, and the characters are still growing and evolving even as I write them.
CoH fics... even tougher. Possibly Best Served Cold just because it really kicks off the whole "Nine-Tenths of the Law" arc, but there are others I like just as much that don't get as much attention.
"All time favorite X" questions are extremely difficult for me, because I just can't decide on stuff (or as imadra_blue puts it, I can't make up my d*mn mind).

4) Any comics that you've either seen me review or talk about that have piqued your interest?
Well, you told me about Formerly Known as the Justice League. I don't really read comics nowadays, because, well, first, I fell out of the "fandom" about 10 years ago. It started feeling very stale. But now, I don't even get a chance to hit the comic/game shop (and yes, I know where one is) because of the kids. As a result, I'm reluctant to spend money on something that's either unfinished (like a monthly comic) that I might forget about, or that I might not like, without getting to look at it first.
I also feel (from reading your reviews) like an outsider again – I have no idea about half the stuff or people you talk about these days. ;) I suspect your reviews go more toward someone a bit more in the comic fandom than I am. ^_^
And, well, apart from CoH, I'm just not into the spandex thing anymore. Sometimes I cruise your comics reviews, but mostly they seem spandex-y. Probably just my bad luck that I'm missing something, huh? ;) And I like humor nowadays.
Oh, wait! You mentioned, what was it, the ... crap, I'll have to go back and look at your LJ again. I think it's the Marvel version of the League of Substitute Heroes; I remember you said "When Wolverine won't join your group, you know you're in trouble" or something like that. That one sounded interesting, if I could get a peek at it first before paying.

5) Even though they're still young, what could you see your kids doing in life?
Hm. K has a good head for math and science, and can verbalize herself quite well. She'll probably be a less tomboyish version of me (!). Already she's a clothes horse and more girly than, apparently, I was at that age. >_>;
M is a boy's boy. He loves his trucks and cars. He loves to climb and run and explore. I like to think he'll be very outdoorsy, but as yet – he's just turned two – it's hard to say where his interests yet lie.
The funny thing is, at one point I said to my folks (before the kids were born), "You know, any kids we have are gonna end up Barbie girls and jocks." Dad disputed this as Toly and I are definitely not those types. And yet.... you never know! :D

You know the drill... if you want me to ask you 5 questions, drop a note in the comments.

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