Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Taking the kids to the doctor this morning. M is still extremely warm. Couldn't get a good ear-temp reading so I had to settle for under-the-arm, and that reads 100, and usually that's 1-2 degrees lower than the actual body temp. Plus he just feels hot to the touch. He's still moving about, so I know he's not intensely sick - he'd be unable to move if that were the case - but still, off to the doctor, it being Friday and all that.

I gargled a lot with warm salt water before bed, and my throat does indeed feel better this morning. Not back to normal, but much better. Now I'm getting head-cold symptoms (?!) though - stuffy nose and all that. wtf?

When I went to bed, I opened the kids' doors a bit to let some more cool air in, and it seemed to work too. House is pretty comfy this morning, and nobody seemed to have much trouble with coughing. 90% humidity, yay! (When they say "moist air," they're not kidding)

Was going to add more but it's already time to go. Later.
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