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Androfic: FMF 103: Tell Me Why

For 15minuteficlets' Challenge #103. Actual word not shown here so as not to spoil it for other FMF writers.

Title: Tell Me Why
Fandom: Star Control (pre-SC1)
Warnings: Language
Characters: The gunner
Word Count: 430
Notes: Tenth month of 2111, Eta Vulpeculae 2 (two months after "A Hill of Beans") and simultaneously with "Here, Snipe".
To be archived at Androsynth Series.
Disclaimer: The Star Control universe and concept of the Androsynth are property of Toys for Bob. The Androsynth society, all characters in my Androsynth fics and all extrapolation of those ideas are mine.

Tell Me Why

...So. Yeah, I'm speaking to you again. 'Cause I want some answers, and you'd better send some, 'cause I don't mind gettin' grounded again if that's the only way I'm gettin' em.

So why did you shoot me up like that? Yeah, I know all about it now. Who doesn't know about it? I'll be surprised if all the aliens in the fucking Hierarchy don't know about it. What was the point? You say I gotta get a vaccine, you coulda just given it to me. Why'd you have to do that to me? I trusted you. I trusted you more than anyone else on that planet, I thought we were friends, I did things for you, and you stab me in the back like that? Why, Lynn?

'Cause you know what? I sure as hell don't trust you now. If you want me to trust you again, you better give me some damn good reasons for what you did. If I don't get 'em? How about I tell people about who you were talkin' to that year?

You think I don't remember? I sure as hell do. I remember you doin' a lot of work, same kinda work as you were doin' before you dosed me with your killer bugs. I didn't know what kinda work it was at the time, but I sure as hell know now. You were doin' the killer-bug thing then, too, weren't you? And I remember that. I remember who came to see you then. I remember, Lynn.

So you might wanna think again about what you're gonna tell me. 'Cause if it don't wash, I'm singin', Lynn. I'll broadcast it to every ship in the fleet. I'll tell my captain, and if I'm on Starbase I'm going to Pain, too. I know everyone'll be interested in what really happened.

...F'Gawd's sake, Lynn, we both hate Earthlings enough to do crazy stupid shit for killin' em, but why me? You wanna play with your bugs, fine! I don't ask you to be a target in space, now, do I? So why'd you do it?


...Fuck, Lynn, you'd better get me some answers, and fast. You made a fool of me. Everyone knows it. They're not laughin', they got more class than that. But you betrayed me. And I will come down there and bite your fucking neck in half if you don't tell me why, or I don't like what you say.

- shit, I'd better re-record this, that's a death threat, she can get me in trouble for that -

~end tape~
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