Laridian (laridian) wrote,

CoH Fic people: I need your input!

Okay, I'm doing the next bit with the strike team. I'd like the people involved - Epsilon, Whirly, Vixen, Lapis, and Doc - to please email me your character's responses to drew's death. (We haven't gone back to the warehouse yet, so Whirly hasn't found the note.) Everyone's still in the hospital, right after the fic where Lapis discovers drew's really honest-to-gosh dead, and you're waiting on the neurologist's report on Bone's amnesia.

You should all have my email address, given that I've emailed you all at one point or another, but just to be safe, laridian at livejournal dot com. 'Kay? :)

If you want to add your character's thoughts on what to do next (interrogate people, search in locations, research things - I'm not gonna say what, but you've got clues to work with :), that's cool too.
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